Cosmetic bottles concern the fate of domestic cosmetics companies

Update:22 Jun 2018

Cosmetic bottles concern the fate of domestic cosmetics […]

Cosmetic bottles concern the fate of domestic cosmetics manufacturers

In the past two or three decades, the domestic cosmetics brands have been marginalized by internationally renowned brands, and are now re-emerging. They have gradually become evenly matched with foreign brands in the low-end market. We have witnessed a cosmetic bottle. The history of national enterprise struggle. Now, for domestic cosmetics companies, it is facing a new bottleneck and a breakthrough period. At this time, we think that not only cosmetics itself but also new and more reasonable adjustments are needed in the packaging of cosmetic bottles.

Cosmetic bottle packaging should start with two aspects. On the one hand, the domestic cosmetics bottle packaging in the domestic market should be as prominent as possible national elements, highlighting the main elements of the product, and the internationally renowned cosmetics brand cosmetic bottle packaging in the appearance of differentiation, while the Lilac packaging bottles with cosmetics bottles closer to consumers The sentiment enhances the popularity of products in the minds of consumers and provides a support for the sales of cosmetics. On the other hand, domestic cosmetics must gain greater room for development and must go international. In the international market, cosmetics bottles should be packaged with international famous brands of cosmetics and cosmetic bottles to be closer to consumption in these areas. The habit of cosmetic bottle packaging consumer psychology close. There is another aspect, of course, is that domestic cosmetics will certainly not be satisfied with the low-end market. How cosmetic bottle packaging helps domestic cosmetics in the high-end market is also worth studying.

Cosmetic bottles as an important part of cosmetics, its quality or not will also affect the fate of domestic cosmetics companies.

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