Advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles and glass bottles

Update:26 Apr 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles and gla […]

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles and glass bottles

PET can be easily processed through the process of rapid cooling to obtain the amorphous, high transparency, easy to stretch PET products, so as a packaging material, PET can be made of two-way stretch packaging film, but also non-type bottle The billet obtains a high-strength, high-transparency stretch blow-molded bottle and can also be directly extruded or blown into a non-stretched hollow container.

With the inexhaustible monopolization of new materials and new arts, the assimilation materials of PC, PET, PEN, PET and PEN, and plastics represented by other new plastics such as PETG have already flashed. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

PET film has the characteristics of transparency, oil resistance, fragrantness, hygiene and reliability, and can be widely used in large-scale temperature range (low-temperature steaming and freezing packaging can be), especially in stretch plastic bottle molding, of which the most dominant is tens of milliliters to 2 liters. Small bottles also have large bottles with a capacity of 30 liters.

PEN has excellent heat-resistance and good body barrier properties, can resist UV, can also experience pasteurization and low-temperature leaching temperature, its dominant life can exceed 6 months, light weight, but high cost, limiting the PEN's monopoly .

The advantage of the PC is the low temperature above 120°C and high mechanical strength, but the price is expensive and the gas barrier is poor, and it has gradually withdrawn from the beer packaging scale. According to reports, at the moment, there was an improved PC that was pushed back to the market from scratch.

Due to the poor heat resistance and gas barrier properties of PET, it has limited its use in hot canning and requesting high airtightness.

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