Analysis of 3 major problems in make-up packaging

Update:13 Oct 2018

In the face of fierce market competition, cosmetics man […]

In the face of fierce market competition, cosmetics manufacturers want to occupy a place in the market, they must try their best to make efforts in the quality of cosmetics and packaging. However, there are three main problems in make-up packaging:

1. Product development and weak production capacity

Cosmetics manufacturers should focus on strengthening their technical strength, including software such as product research and development capabilities, as well as production and inspection equipment, instruments and other hardware facilities. Manufacturers are willing to choose partners who have strong development capabilities, short production cycles and good product quality. Cosmetic packaging needs to be protective, functional and decorative, and the Trinity is the future development direction of cosmetic packaging. These include the widespread use of labels, the development and design of environmentally friendly materials, and the design and improvement of existing packaging.

2. Inconsistent technical standards

First, packaging containers or plastic bags are required to have the function of protecting products. For example, chemicals such as plastics are in long-term contact with the contents, and cannot be dissolved to cause deterioration of the products. Also have to withstand long-distance transportation without leakage. And because it is a daily necessities for women, it must withstand the repeated use of consumers, such as the use of mascara, the number of presses should reach a certain standard; secondly, the appearance requires neat appearance, smooth, no burr, clear print content ,complete.

Especially for the hand cream container, the bottle shape that has been popular at home and abroad has been relatively simple, but the specifications have changed. The manufacturer attracts the attention of the buyer to highlight the brand, and pays great attention to the design of the bottle layout. Printing, such as the clarity of the pattern, the saturation of the color, etc. are very demanding.

3. The service is not thoughtful

For example, in the inspection standard, packaging manufacturers should pay attention to communication with manufacturers. Some manufacturers have independent enterprise standards, but because many packaging companies are based on the standards that are too general in production, they are not quantified to check products according to data indicators. Qualified or not, some appearance and functional requirements are not described or described in detail.

This requires the two parties to fully communicate and match the acceptance criteria, inspection methods, and cooperation processes in the early stage of cooperation.

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