Appreciation of cosmetic bottle brand

Update:06 Jul 2018

Appreciation of cosmetic bottle brand Every new product […]

Appreciation of cosmetic bottle brand

Every new product of brand cosmetics comes out, we not only surprise its new features, but even each bottle is so unique, almost every time a new product comes out, its packaging design is different. All have their own unique style, in short, it will make people remember it, then let us appreciate a few brands of cosmetic bottles to see how it is different.

Estee Lauder new packaging bottle

This is the latest product of Estee Lauder. We can see that it is made of different packaging according to different product types. There are hoses, ball bottles and cream bottles. The material can be seen as glass. Usually some brands of high-end cosmetic packaging bottles are made of glass material. The hose body should be a traditional high-grade cosmetic packaging material plastic aluminum composite material. It can be seen that the bottle body with this material is very smooth and shiny. Sense, the whole bottle body is integrated, the side structure is small, and the overall look is full of three-dimensional.

Its cream bottle and essential oil bottle are made of glass. The cream bottle indicates that the glass is textured, giving a fuzzy and mysterious feeling. The essential oil bottle is transparent, the transparency of the material is very high, and the whole bottle is red. The bottle internalizing liquid gives a fresh, crystal clear feeling. The printing of brand cosmetic bottles is extremely simple. We can find that in life, there are often some brand-name products. Their packaging is very simple. They don’t have to be too fancy. In fact, this is to tell everyone that they What is done is the content. This new product of Estee Lauder can be seen that their packaging is red overall, printing is very simple, but the selection of structural materials is superior, so the overall gives a simple but not simple feeling.

Chanel perfume bottle

This is Chanel's new fresh and elegant perfume. It can be seen that its printing industry is very simple, only a few letters, but the shape of the bottle is surrounded by metal, and the inner color is light green. main body.

In general, the brand's cosmetic packaging bottles are usually innovative in design of materials and shapes. The overall feeling is in line with the main body of this product, giving a total simplicity and not simple feeling, because the packaging is too fancy and undoubtedly also reduces the quality. The proportion of consumers' minds.

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