Cosmetics common components of large resolution

Update:28 Feb 2018

◎ Matrix composition: the list is usually the top ingre […]

◎ Matrix composition: the list is usually the top ingredient in the composition, most content, such as water, glycerol and so on.
◎ Skin care ingredients:
Vitamin A: Anti-aging.
Vitamin B3: strengthen the epidermis moisturizing barrier, regulate sebum secretion, brighten skin tone.
B5: Gentle moisturizing, increase the skin's water-containing capacity.
Vitamin C: anti-oxidant and whitening skin.
Vitamin E: anti-aging, anti-oxidation.
2. Salicylic acid: mainly to help remove the role of keratinocytes, the provisions of the concentration of the human body is safe.
3. Ceramide: a good moisturizer, can maintain the skin lock water defense barrier and anti-aging.
4.Superoxide dismutase: to remove excess free radicals of the human body antioxidant alcohol, can effectively alleviate the external environment due to unfavorable factors (sun, radiation, exhaust gas, etc.) to bring the skin problem.

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