Cosmetics enter the "all-logo era"

Update:29 Jun 2018

Cosmetics enter the "all-logo era"  "Whitening factor", […]

Cosmetics enter the "all-logo era"
 "Whitening factor", "moisturizing factor", "vegetable essence" ... These seemingly beautiful but substantive words will gradually disappear from the cosmetics packaging. From June 17th this year, all cosmetics that are produced and sold in China or imported for quotation must be genuinely marked on the product packaging with the names of all ingredients in the formula. That is to say, the vague expressions mentioned at the beginning will be The standard chemical composition name is replaced.
The full logo of cosmetics marks the era in which this market will enter more respect for consumers' right to know. However, the establishment of the right to information requires the cooperation of buyers and sellers. When the industry begins to deliver real and scientific cosmetic formulas to the public, we, as buyers, also need to know a little about cosmetic ingredients.
Whitening ingredients that everyone loves
The whitening ingredients in skin care products typically include vitamin C, vitamin E, natural plant antioxidant antioxidants, salicylic acid, kojic acid, fruit acids, aloe vera, licorice and mulberry extracts, endothelin orange antioxidants, and the like.
These whitening ingredients also have different effects. Antioxidant active ingredients such as vitamins and natural plants all have a natural effect of lightening pigmentation; kojic acid has the effect of lightening skin color by avoiding excessive melanin synthesis; fruit acids are most often used, which helps to remove face Fine lines, fade skin pigments; Aloe vera has a good nursing effect on the skin after drying; while mulberry extract and endothelin orange resist are newly developed whitening ingredients, representing the latest level of whitening technology.
Note: citrus VC, arbutin is a sensitive whitening ingredients, easy to use during the day from the stain, it is best to use after cleansing the skin at night, during the day with these ingredients of whitening products must pay attention to sunscreen.

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