Do these points to prompt your cosmetic containers sale

Update:16 Nov 2018

No one can stop the girl's love of the heart, look at t […]

No one can stop the girl's love of the heart, look at the rapid development of the beauty and cosmetics industry you can know. Then, as an indispensable cosmetic bottle, if you want to get everyone's love and keep up with the pace of development, you should make some improvements in the following three aspects.

1, cosmetics use cycle is often longer. How to avoid bacterial invasion and ensure the quality of cosmetics without being damaged is one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of a cosmetic bottle. Nowadays, there are more and more pressure pump vacuum cosmetic bottles on the market, which is more ideal in terms of ensuring sealing and hygienic performance than ordinary cosmetic bottles opened by screw caps.

2, small mouth hose type cosmetic packaging bottles, such cosmetic bottles are easier to control in dose use. On the contrary, some wide-mouth cosmetic bottles are very unsatisfactory in this respect.

3, cosmetic packaging bottles should draw on the packaging form of medicinal capsules, use small independent packaging inside the large cosmetic bottles, so that each individual is independent, on the one hand, the dose is well controlled, on the other hand, in the packaging hygiene Aspects remain independent.

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