Domestic color cosmetics and other metal packaging development is optimistic

Update:10 Nov 2018

Metal packaging development prospects 1. The market env […]

Metal packaging development prospects

1. The market environment is getting better and there is huge potential and room for development. China is a huge consumption group with a population of 1.3 billion. It has abundant industrial products, agricultural products and export commodity resources. In addition to agile development of the beverage industry, the development of new industries such as chemistry, cosmetics and medicine has also provided huge growth space for metal packaging. .

2. Scope and specialization are the development bias of contemporary metal packaging. In the next three to five years, the metal packaging industry will face a comprehensive transformation and promotion of scope, grouping, specialization and lean manufacturing and clean production: from a single production enterprise to a cross-national group development; from extensive processing to refinement, The digitalization and scientific transformation will improve the industry's handling of water temperature and enter the threshold, narrowing the gap with foreign countries. Metal packaging companies with their own brands and intellectual property rights can choose to resolve the merger of small packaging companies and gradually develop into a large metal packaging group.

3. Reduction of metal packaging, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and promotion of metal packaging industry upgrade around the development of circular economy. The state has successively introduced and implemented circular economy and clean production legislation, set relevant standards, and implemented special assistance for clean production, control of waste and elimination of harmful substances. It is expected that UV printing, network of consultants and digital printing skills will be obtained. Universal application. Promote emission reduction, energy conservation and consumption reduction with efficiency and speed, eliminate resource occupation, create a conservation-oriented enterprise, develop a circular economy, and achieve continuous development.

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