Glass packaging industry opens up new markets

Update:31 May 2018

Glass packaging industry opens up new markets  The deve […]

Glass packaging industry opens up new markets
 The development of new markets will undoubtedly allow the development of the glass packaging industry. For example, Sain Gobain Desjongueres (SGD) is a company that seeks international development. It has established a number of companies in Europe and the Americas. The company has occupied a large number of companies worldwide. market share.

However, the company also encountered considerable difficulties two years ago, leading the leadership to decide to close a batch of glass furnaces. SGD is now preparing to develop itself for emerging markets. These markets include not only markets that it has already covered, such as Brazil, but also markets that have not yet entered, such as Eastern Europe and Asia. SGD marketing director, Therry LeGoff, said: "Because major brands are expanding new customers in the region, these brands also need glass suppliers."

Simply put, no matter if they are suppliers or manufacturers, they must seek new customers when expanding into new markets. Therefore, glass manufacturers are no exception. Many people still think that in the West, glass manufacturers have advantages in glass products. However, they insisted that the quality of the glass products sold on the Chinese market was worse than on the European market. However, this advantage cannot be maintained forever. Therefore, Western glass manufacturers are now analyzing the competitive pressures that they will face in the Chinese market.

Asia is a market that Gerresheimer has not yet stepped into, but German companies will never turn their attention away from Asia. Lin-genberg firmly believes: "To succeed today, you must take a truly global approach.

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