Grasping the makeup skills of makeup packaging

Update:27 Oct 2018

The care and improvement of the makeup products on the […]

The care and improvement of the makeup products on the packaging, so that all women get the dual enjoyment of vision and use. Many people are attracted by make-up products because of the outer packaging. After purchasing, they found the good quality of the products and then became a loyal supporter.

Cosmetic packaging has a non-negligible importance. Only the brands that can make the packaging into art, the developers will really care about our faces. So, what kind of make-up packaging can attract more consumers' attention? The power of color brick packaging on the composition to the consumer can not be ignored.

* Grasping skill of composition *

Just like the grasp of color techniques, the techniques of composition are more diverse, and the relationship between the two is interdependent and mutually expressive. But color is the foundation, and composition is the process and the ultimate goal. So composition is important. In the process, in addition to a certain skill, but also pay attention to its visual effects. The effect is the ultimate goal.

(1) Grasping the composition skills

The techniques of composition, in addition to the comparative skills in the use of color, need to learn from the mastery, but also need to consider several contrasts. Such as the contrast of composition techniques, the far and near contrast of composition techniques, the contrast of the composition of the vegetables, the static contrast of the composition techniques, the contrast of the composition techniques. Ancient and modern comparisons of composition techniques.

(1) Contrast of the composition technique: the so-called thickness contrast refers to the color used in the process of composition and the style formed by the pattern of colors. In the paintings and paintings, we know that there is a meticulous and freehand brushwork. , or the meticulous and freehand appear on a picture, this style is a representation of the packaging used in packaging composition. For this thickness contrast, some of the main pattern is contrasted with the foil pattern; some are the contrast between the center pattern and the background pattern; some are rough as the wind sweeps the clouds, while the other side is fine and fine as the hairspring; some replace the pattern with the calligraphy of wild grass This can be seen anytime, anywhere in some alcohol and food packaging.

(2) The far-near contrast of composition techniques, in the composition of Chinese landscape landscapes, the near-field perspective, and in the design of the packaging map, the same principle should also be the composition level of several screens in the near-middle. The so-called near, is the most eye-catching part of the picture, also called the first visual impact, this most eye-catching is also the most important content to be expressed in the packaging pattern.

As the "outerwear" of the product, packaging not only has the function of holding and protecting the product, but also has the use of attracting purchase and guiding consumption. Among the many factors in modern commodity packaging design, color is the most attractive and appealing visual design factor for expressing emotions and expressing commodity characteristics. It is an irreplaceable way to convey information.

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