How to choose the size of cosmetic plasticing

Update:30 Nov 2018

According to the selection of the required capacity, th […]

According to the selection of the required capacity, the general product can refer to the conventional capacity range and the size of the cosmetic plastic hose is not selected. If the specific gravity of the product is special, the length of the pipe body can be appropriately increased or decreased.

Depending on the required pipe diameter requirements, the cosmetic packaging design or aesthetically pleasing appearance will use a specific pipe diameter. At this point, the length of the body can be lengthened or shortened to the capacity and weight to be filled.

Finally, the size and specifications of cosmetic plastic hoses must be considered not only from the capacity and weight of the filling, but also to the packaging and visual aesthetics of the product. Adapted specifications and sizes enhance the appeal of the product and help promote and sell.

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