How to use whitening products correctly in Autumn

Update:08 Sep 2018

Many MMs know that although there is no sultry summer i […]

Many MMs know that although there is no sultry summer in the autumn, the sun is not so violent, but the sun's ultraviolet rays at this time are as much damage to our skin as the summer sun's ultraviolet rays. So even in the fall, we can't stop the "work" of sun protection. However, when using whitening products, we should pay attention to how to use them correctly, and avoid the harm caused by improper use of makeup products.

Tips one, make every effort to block the underlying melanin production

Because the black forces of the stratum corneum hoard, it will affect the whitening effect. Want to "net bright, white", just suppressing melanocyte productivity is not enough! Because some of the melanin that is rapidly produced under the stimulation of a large amount of ultraviolet rays can not be smoothly metabolized by the skin, it will form a "black force" in the cuticle of the epidermis. The latest research has found that it should be combined with a rejuvenating combination of exfoliating or acid-containing complexes to remove old waste skin materials, while the whitening series of cleansing and cleansing products are used, and there is also a daily step of "sweeping black" for the skin.

Tips two, the mask does not need to apply every day, not to apply a drop

A simple and convenient mask, such as instant noodles, provides a short-lasting, quick-acting whitening. Although the essence of the skin is concentrated like a chicken soup, because the skin is limited in food consumption, it is enough to use the salon level for twice a week. The time is limited to 10~15 minutes. If it is applied for too long, the skin will evaporate, but instead let The skin is dry. Xiao Bian According to the advice of senior beauticians, the mask should be used twice a week, 10 minutes each time.

Tips three, a whitening idea that pursues quick results is not advisable

Quick-acting whitening meets the desire to become Snow White in a short time, especially for people who are impatient, have high expectations, or have to attend important occasions, but are relatively exposed to possible skin irritation. If you only want to improve the whitening of the whole face with modest and no trace, the gradual whitening of mild botanical formulas will be a good choice. Take it slowly, or let the white net be more durable and gentle.

Tips four, mad with whitening essence, but still not enough white

Generally normal skin, whitening essence, lotion can be enough to meet the daily maintenance needs, but if you continue to feel the effect is not good, you may have to consider whether the skin needs more type conditioning. Mature or damaged dry skin, night care is more important.

Although the ultimate goal is whitening, but because of going out during the day, it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing base and prevent oxidation. As for no sun stimulation at night, you can rest your body and use the repairing ability with a higher concentration and a stronger moisturizing effect. Whitening merchandise, or clearing the melanin produced during the day. If the budget allows, use more nighttime whitening products, the multi-pronged effect will be better.

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