Introduction of 2 kinds of cosmetic packaging materials

Update:28 Sep 2018

With the development of the economy, the cosmetics mark […]

With the development of the economy, the cosmetics market is as competitive as other markets. Therefore, if you want to occupy a certain position in the market, you must be able to meet the needs of consumers in time and stand out among many products.
    For this reason, merchants try their best to make efforts in the packaging of cosmetics, so that their products have higher sales. Cosmetic packaging materials mainly include plastic packaging, glass packaging and aluminum packaging.
    Cosmetic plastic packaging: The plastic's high strength, light weight and not easy to break make it invincible in the competition. Not only that, but a wide variety of plastic packaging designs can be realized and implemented in production in a short period of time.
    On the other hand, the competition in the cosmetics market is fierce today, and the finalization of packaging design is often determined in the last second of the product to be promoted, thus ensuring that the product keeps up with the trend of the market and consumers. The taste of the demand. The main applications of PET bottles and cans are concentrated in skin care products, shower gels and cosmetics.
    Cosmetic glass packaging: The attractiveness of glass materials is because they are transparent and pure, and can be opened independently of the graphics to meet environmental requirements. Unisex cosmetics can be packaged in glass, which is simple and clear.
    However, the market is developing too fast. The development of a new glass bottle is relatively long, and the time and cost are too high. Therefore, the competitive advantage is significantly reduced. The glass packaging industry has experienced slow growth in the cosmetics market in recent years, which has led to slow growth due to competition from other materials and sluggish global economic growth.

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