Make-up packaging attracts always pull the market

Update:19 Oct 2018

Make-up packaging attracts customers' eyes is equal to […]

Make-up packaging attracts customers' eyes is equal to pulling the market

In this era of more and more beauty, even makeup has to start to pay attention to the product's external eye-catching. Only good use is certainly not enough. If you want to capture the hearts of consumers, the personalized fashion appearance is equally sloppy. What's more, at the end of the year, the festive atmosphere is getting stronger. All the make-up brands have taken the opportunity to launch their own limited editions.

Nowadays, the competitiveness of the makeup market is very bold. Many businesses are eager to bring more market to themselves. In addition to more efforts on product quality and some features, more people will be betting on the design of the outer packaging. And color, and strive to attract more consumers' attention.

According to the survey data, when consumers buy makeup products, the attention to makeup packaging is very high. If a makeup product can have eye-catching outer packaging at the same time, the sales of the product are glass bottles. As a kind of rich and pleasing packaging material, it can give the quality dynamics that can not be conveyed by other examples of materials, but it is still difficult to pack the cosmetics with glass bottles. For example, the adhesion and wear resistance, specifically for the perfume bottle packaging. And the approximate non-conformity of the glass will also result. Some experts also pointed out that the glass is probably very uncompromising, and because the glass is more and more expensive, the scratching is a result, and the special packaging is required to restrain the wear. In addition, the glass is very noble, so the transportation cost is also very high.

A perfume bottle is beautiful, of course, but what makes it so fascinating? There are all kinds of ways, the decoration provider BeautyPackaging thinks that there are countless ways to do it. Some experts also believe that the most sought-after trend in glass bottle packaging is still inorganic spray (organicspray). The industry believes that most customers are still applying frosted glass bottles because it can lurk the defects on the glass. Bottle packaging defect

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