Outdoor extending

Update:03 Nov 2017

From November 3 to November 5, 2016, the Company organi […]

From November 3 to November 5, 2016, the Company organized an outdoor expansion activity to let employees temporarily tighten their tedious and tedious work and devote themselves to the nature and feel the charm of nature.
Activities organized a few games, such as outdoor CS battle game, activities in the normal work of staff unity, division of labor to play the most incisive play, making a fierce battle game directly to the climax part of the whole event.
The sunny afternoon, the staff gathered in small groups of grass, or chatting, or playing card games, with the children's employees, or play with the children in the grass, or waves in the lake, cooking a good guy They smelt their sweat on the grill, roasted a wide range of delicious food for their colleagues, and other colleagues were tired of enjoying the love of food brought by their colleagues before enjoying the beauty of the United States.
This perfect picture, showing a big family love each other.




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