Packaging design color and color contrast

Update:13 Jul 2018

Packaging design color and color contrast The contrast […]

Packaging design color and color contrast
The contrast between color and color. This is the easiest thing to do in many product packaging, but it is very difficult to grasp. In the design from the master, the wound effect of the package is the spring snow, and vice versa, the lower Liba. In Chinese calligraphy and painting, such a popular saying is often called impenetrable. What is actually said is a contrast relationship. In the packaging design, this contrast is very obvious and very common. The so-called contrasts generally have the following contrasts: the contrast of color use, the light and heavy contrast of color use, the point-to-face ratio of color use, the contrast of color use, the contrast of color use, and the contrast of color use. Contrast and so on.

(1) The contrast between the use of color.

This occurs most frequently in the color of current packaging designs and is the most widely used. In many graphic designs (referring to posters, hanging paintings, or situational binding classes) is very common. The so-called contrast between the depths and the depths should be that the two colors in the design color appear subtly on one kind of picture at the same time, resulting in a more harmonious viewing angle effect. It is usually used as a large-area light-colored foundation, with a dark composition on it, such as a pale yellow foundation, a brown color, or a pale yellow or white pattern line in a brown color block; Light green paving; dark green composition; pink bottoming; large red composition; light gray bottoming; soap black composition and so on. These are the shades of color used. In this form, we can design the packaging on some cosmetic packaging or some Western wine packaging, especially in Western European wine packaging. China's Changyu wine and Shuanghui's method of sausage and CJ's meat packaging are mostly expressed in this form. This form of packaging is also common in Japan and South Korea. The visual effect it displays is bright, simple, gentle, and elegant.

(2) Light and heavy contrast (or shade contrast) of color use is also one of the important reproduction methods in the use of packaging color. This kind of light and heavy contrast is often used to set off a dignified theme pattern with a light and elegant background, or in a dignified theme pattern (more weight in the color block pattern). The theme and name of the light and elegant packaging, as well as trademarks or slogans. Conversely, it also uses a large area of ​​damp and deep pigmentation. In addition, use a light or elegant tone or concentrate on a certain color block or fully decorate some patterns. In this light and heavy contrast, the general pigments have a coordinated color contrast and a contrast of cold and warm colors. The method of coordinating color contrast is often light green to dark green; light yellow to dark coffee; pink to red, etc., while the contrast between cold and warm colors is mostly Black and white, red and blue, etc.

(3) The comparison of the point-to-face ratio (or size contrast) of color use, mainly in the design process of a package picture, using the contrast of pigments from a center or concentrated point to the overall picture, ie small range and large range The contrast between the pictures. In daily life, especially in the washing and cosmetics products, we can see that the entire area of ​​the box is clean and there is no such thing as a very small square of heavy color (or The elliptical or small round shape) then reflects the theme of the brand and the name of the package content from the picture of the small square. This is a combination of point and face, and a contrast between big and small, and occasionally from point to point. And the gradual transition of the comparison.
The comparison of these colors is entirely due to a way in which a pattern needs to be expressed by contrasting different colors, but this pigment is an indispensable object that constitutes the entire packaging pattern element, and some patterns are even different. Ingenious combination of pigments. Therefore, in the process of studying packaging design, if you do not pay attention to the contrast between color and color, you can't talk about designing a good packaging pattern.

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