PET plastic bottle inner coating technology introduction

Update:17 May 2018

PET plastic bottle inner coating technology introductio […]

PET plastic bottle inner coating technology introduction

Polyester (PET), which is one of the main raw materials in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging, is widely used because of its advantages of transparency, chemical stability, relatively good barrier properties, light weight, low cost, and recyclability. Polyester plastic bottles are widely used due to their excellent properties. Polyester bottle inner coating technology is relatively a relatively difficult technology, and today we will make a brief introduction.

GLASKIN PET bottle coater is used in the industrial production of silicon coating in PET bottles. The gas separation layer in the bottle is odorless and odorless, does not produce any chemical reaction with the substance in the bottle, and can ensure the substance in the bottle. Quality and taste. GLASKIN PET (GLASKIN-processed PET) bottle is covered with a layer of glass-like silicon oxide covering the inner wall of the plastic bottle, which can effectively prevent external oxygen from entering the bottle and carbon dioxide gas inside the bottle will not leak from the bottle. Therefore, it plays a very good role in gas isolation.

In addition, because the separation layer is in the bottle, damage during storage can be avoided, allowing the product to reach a longer shelf life. Tests have shown that this kind of plastic bottle achieves good results both in maintaining product quality and preserving the taste, and in accordance with the customer's requirements for product shelf life, the product shelf life can reach 4 to 12 months. Through continuous improvement, the application of GLASKIN technology now allows the PET plastic bottle packaging system to continuously apply 0.2 to 2L plastic bottles with a productivity of 6,000 to 180,000 pieces/hour. The GLASKIN PET bottle is also environmentally friendly. During the recycling process, the thin layer of silica is separated from the plastic bottle, while the PET plastic can be recycled to create a new plastic bottle or artificial pile wool. In addition, GLASKIN PET bottles are lighter than glass bottles and should not be broken, which can reduce the pollution caused by product transport.

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