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Update:17 Nov 2017

Whenever your home runs out of a bottle of 750ml or 100 […]

Whenever your home runs out of a bottle of 750ml or 1000ml of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and liquid laundry detergent, maybe you would not mind the development of our major brands in order to reduce the weight of a bottle by a few grams ; For the pump head in the e-commerce delivery process is not damaged and made all efforts; in order to improve pump life and day and night fatigue test. However, is the stack of used bottles and pump heads in your home remembered for being relentlessly thrown into the trash even before they reach the end of their design life? How we can effectively extend their service life and fully tap the potential they have is the issue we are going to talk about today.
Today, we discuss the replacement installed mainly divided into daily product replacement equipment and make-up skin care class replacement equipment.
Generalized replacement is different from the standard package of simplified packaging, purchased by the user to supplement their own standard packaging to continue to use a simplified packaging.

Daily chemical products replacement equipment








In accordance with the experience, at present, replacement watershed and common equipment installed watershed about 300ml.
On the packaging price is based on the same amount of standing pouch will be lower than the bottle, but if you consider the cost of production, we must know that the bottle filling speed can reach 200, the pouch industry to 80 has been very high, due to the huge production efficiency So that's the difference between a replacement and a normal volume that has a price divide.
In accordance with the main market to points, daily chemical products to replace installed into the stand-up bag and stand-up bag + mouth two:
1. Stand-alone bag replacement is mainly to promote sales, increase consumer product stickiness, through the replacement of preferential prices to consolidate consumer habits of the product
2. Stand-up bag with mouth can generally be sold as an independent package, in order to impact the distribution of different channels.
Japan and Europe have relatively advanced experience in the use of self-supporting bags, which first lead to different market acceptance due to the different laws and regulations in different countries:
1. Japan and European market conditions and laws and we are not the same
2. Japan and Europe have received package weight tax
So popular bags also led to this trend.



Another important part of Japan's stand-up bag is the design of the spout. How to dump easily, how to please consumers, is the most important part.
Replacement price in Japan to sell the finished product with almost a price, consumers still buy replacement equipment. In our country, even if the replacement is a little cheaper than ordinary clothes, it can not arouse consumer's buying interest. This is the concept of consumption, they insist on environmental protection first. Therefore, with the spout stand-up pouch in Japan is very popular, not to replace the installed instead of normal replacement bottles, we can see the concept of environmental protection enjoys popular support!
Second, the use of Sachets is also related to spending habits. India and other places will continue to replace the use of products, then do the survey concluded that first, the locals rarely buy 200ml of products and insist on running out; second because of the easy purchase, channel penetration; third is because of low cost. It also led to the past ten to twenty years, P & G, Unilever's variety of celebrity care products in China's third and fourth tier cities during the infiltration of a large number of Sachets packaging, then 0.5-1 yuan a bag, Once used, it is extremely convenient for young people in small towns and young people who are on a business trip at the time, and at the same time cultivating subtle brands for those consumers.
Many years ago, as the sales channels for daily chemical products were mainly supermarkets, the advantages of standing pouches on commercial shelves were not as far as ordinary ones. Therefore, for a long period of time, self-supporting pouches usually Do not occupy the main shelf position, but only as a brand buy one get one free promotional package.
High-end skin care brands and make-up brands to replace equipment
Do not think that the replacement can only appear in the popular day care products. In Japan and South Korea, there are a large number of high-end skin care products and make-up also use replacement equipment.




In 10 years ago, Japan developed a lipstick replacement equipment, such as Japan now have special make-up packaging materials with a variety of replacement equipment, in addition to branding their own environmental philosophy, but also today's increasingly diverse consumer demand for personalized The reason, but basically also concentrated in the powder, blush, magnetic lip gloss and other aspects of the product. Including South Korea skin care products, there are basically replace the equipment, even toner such products are also replaced with installed.
Replacement installed in the country has been popular reasons, on the one hand, our country's laws and regulations lag, there is no limit on the weight of packaging materials, but also because people just get rich, need some luxurious packaging to highlight their standard of living Do not improve than ordinary people.




Nowadays, due to the increasingly serious environmental problems, consumers in our country are also beginning to pay more and more attention to environmental protection issues. In particular, the enthusiasm of young people in large cities such as Bei Shangshen and Shenzhen to participate in various environmental protection activities is on the rise. At the same time, more and more consumers Out of the country, access to Europe and the United States Japan and South Korea and other countries advanced environmental concepts and many new environmentally friendly products at the same time, this opportunity makes our domestic brands can also develop more in line with consumer use and environmental replacement equipment,
Replacement installed in the current young family through a large number of e-commerce channels to buy daily care products now, but also has its special advantages.
E-commerce channels do not need to be the same as the traditional business-in-kind display, thus avoiding the stand-alone bags to replace the shelf display installed on the disadvantage. Moreover, if only a free-standing bag replacement, its sealing strength and the bag itself, the heat seal strength than the current pump head with ordinary equipment to express delivery conditions affordability. Courier packaging needed smaller size.
All of these features make it even more advantageous to replace the sales that are installed in the e-commerce channel.
There is a set of survey data to illustrate the advantages of replacing equipment vs. normal equipment:




Of course, can also be automated pouch + spout, bag welding tip cans to complete a line to improve production speed and production efficiency, you can solve the free-standing replacement bag is cheap but the price is not cheap status quo, you can change Now applause Awkward situation calling.
When Mansfield entered China more than 10 years ago, 90% of its welding spouts were exported to Japan. Now this ratio may be only about 50%, indicating that people's awareness of environmental protection packaging has improved. As a packaging industry, let us all together and strive to promote the future of replacement packaging!

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