Silk Screen Printing Technology of China Cosmetic Bottles

Update:21 Sep 2018

Analysis on the Technology of Silk Screen Printing Tech […]

Analysis on the Technology of Silk Screen Printing Technology of Chinese Cosmetic Bottles

Screen printing technology of cosmetic bottles:

1, glass bottle and plastic bottle silk screen to the plate fee, if it is a new specification bottle and the silk screen factory does not have the corresponding fixture to receive the fixture fee, but can do a certain amount of silk screen printing to deduct this cost, such as business If the amount is more than 20,000, the cost can be prevented. The conditions of each manufacturer are different. The cost of the individual screen printing screen is 50-100 yuan/piece, and the fixture fee is 50 yuan/piece. The hot stamping fee is 200 yuan / piece.

2, in the production of exclusive silk screen bottles, should face up to avoid excessive handling or collision, to prevent the silk screen printing, the production of the right to choose a reasonable disinfection preparation.

3, before the batch of silk-screen printing cosmetic bottles, proof, after the silk screen printing, the production process is confirmed to be 4-5 days, depending on the difficulty and number of silk screen.

4, plastic bottles, sub-common ink and UV ink silk screen, UV ink is more widely dominated, words and maps have a three-dimensional sense, more lustrous, not easy to fade, can print multi-color end, the amount of printing is more than 1000.

5. If the frosted glass bottle has a wrong printed image, it can be printed after the grinding process. The processing fee is 0.1 yuan - 0.2 yuan / piece.

6. The graphic processing process of the individual as a packaging product has an important influence on the product image, so the request for the opponent art is higher.

7, where the silk screen factory has bronzing, hot silver and other processing technology, silk screen preparation has manual, mechanical screen printing, printing and paste stickers and other crafts.

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