The advantages of PET plastic bottles

Update:19 Apr 2018

The advantages of PET plastic bottles China's PET produ […]

The advantages of PET plastic bottles

China's PET production scale lags far behind several major foreign manufacturers. In the 1980s, China gradually introduced advanced PET resin synthesis devices ranging from 10,000 tons to several tens of thousands tons, and the quality and output have made great progress. PET plastic bottles are favored by beer and beverage manufacturers and consumers because of their light weight, ease of transport and carrying. The

The advantages of PET plastic bottles

1. PET plastic bottles are superior to glass beer bottles in terms of safety;

2. The PET plastic bottle has a light weight and is convenient for long-distance transportation of products. It can save transportation costs for beer companies.

3, PET plastic bottled PET plastic bottle beer is better than glass bottles and cans, more able to adapt to young people seeking new, different psychology;

4, using brown, oxygen-barrier PET plastic bottles filled with draft beer or high-end beer with low germicidal units, can improve the appearance of high-end beer image;

5, PET plastic bottle type and the flexibility of the choice of capacity is greater, can produce different types of bottles, different capacity products, enrich the product variety.
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