The reason why such packaging promotion

Update:24 Nov 2018

Packaged content The contents of the package include th […]

Packaged content

The contents of the package include the package, the package on the package, the package and the package, which are all included in the package. It is especially effective in stimulating consumers to try to buy. Most consumer products can choose this type of promotion, with the product characteristics in a timely manner. For example: cosmetics companies offer cosmetics to a certain amount of customers, give a beautiful cosmetic bag; buy different prices of the suit to enjoy different gifts, buy the highest price, you can get a boutique shirt; children to KFC get one Exquisite children's toys, etc.

The reason why such packaging promotion is widely used is to stimulate consumers' desire to purchase on the spot. When consumers are ready to buy a brand in front of the shelf, this kind of packaged package promotion is very easy to attract consumers to transfer the brand. In addition, customers will be prompted to buy larger, more expensive items.

A gift is included in the package. This method is to attach the gift to the product package. Such gifts are usually small in size and low in value. The package is often used by health care products, beauty products and general foods.

Comes on the package. This method attaches the gift to the product or to the product packaging and is placed outside the package. There are a wide variety of packages on the package, such as rubber band or tape gift items tied to the goods, or transparent molded packaging, such as the milk package sold in the supermarket; there are also discount coupons printed on the box or carton Consumers can cut and use. If you want to promote the effect of the package, the bonus should be as relevant as possible, such as buying a razor to send cream, buying coffee to send coffee cups, etc., which is very likely to cause consumers' interest in buying.

A gift is included outside the package. This bonus is often given to customers at the retail outlet. The bonus can be placed near the product to facilitate the consumer to take it with you when shopping.

Available in packaging. This is another form of package bonus. The product is usually packaged in a container of artistic or practical value that can be used for other purposes when the product is used up. Such bonuses are commonly used in medicines, health products and beverage products, the most common one being plastic or iron containers. For example, a liquor brand product that is consumed in some hotels can be made into an ashtray and given to the customer when the outer packaging is opened, although the gift is not big but impressive. A brand of beer has a promotional activity. The bottle cap of four bottles of beer can be used to make a refined motorcycle model, and it is on-site production. The customer is very concerned about the production process while getting the model.

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