The trend of cosmetic box packaging

Update:24 May 2018

The trend of cosmetic box packaging  Since no prominent […]

The trend of cosmetic box packaging
 Since no prominent new packaging has hit the secondary packaging market in recent years, brand marketers and their suppliers are smartly using existing resources to integrate. In the following, several major trends affecting the packaging structure of cosmetic paper boxes and plastic boxes are analyzed.

(1) Unusual shape

More and more companies are demanding different shapes of boxes, requiring some breakthroughs in traditional changes rather than a conventional shape. A relatively recent change in this area is the use of injection molded plastic end caps. The Haoxin plastic brand uses this technology, and the final finished carton looks more like a cylinder than a cube.

(2) Textured material

Textured materials have become very popular in cosmetic packaging designs. Textures are often created by embossing a pattern on a whole sheet of paper. When people picked it up, it was found to give it a different feel than standard or glossy cardboard. Although we can use smooth or matte finishes, most customers prefer a matte effect that incorporates a textured material.

Now, many cosmetic manufacturers and packaging designers are looking for materials with a different type of texture, such as a cardboard with a crushed grain effect or a suede feel. At the same time, texture texture can also be produced by using a coating.

(3), show the main packaging

Through the packaging can see the contents of the perspective packaging, increasingly favored by consumers. Although this effect can be achieved through cardboard openings, many brand marketers are choosing to use a combination of packaging to achieve this goal - a plastic window embedded in a cardboard structure. There will be a very effective combination of cardboard and plastic in the future.

(4), dazzling

On cosmetics packaging, packaging using glittering materials has begun to appear to attract eyeballs. Special effects inks, coatings and metal materials are joining this trend. Manufacturers strive to make their products unique through this innovation, but at the same time pay attention to the cost, so can not only achieve such a visual effect but also a cost-saving approach, that is, the use of metallic ink or with gloss in printing The effect of pearlescent oil. In the future, we will see more decorative dazzling cartons in the market.

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