Which is more protective for facial skin between make-up remover and cleansing oil?

Update:14 Sep 2018

Make-up remover and cleansing oil, which is more protec […]

Make-up remover and cleansing oil, which is more protective for facial skin?

Make-up is a daily routine for modern women. It is also essential to make up anytime and anywhere. After returning home, the process of removing makeup is not sloppy. If the makeup is not clean, it will make the skin more dirty and cause large pores. Fine lines appear on the skin to accelerate skin aging.

Make-up remover: Essentially a low-nutrition, high-oil cream that gently dissolves oily ingredients in makeup. So if it doesn't have special effects such as exfoliation and acne, you can even use it as a winter body care cream. However, since it is a cleansing product, it is sure to add a makeup remover to the cleansing lotion: a surfactant, a solvent or an alkaline agent. This does not exist in the cream.

Cleansing Oil: The makeup remover is stronger, mainly for some anti-watercolor makeup. Some cleansing oils are specially used to unload the eye area. The kind will be oily and not easy to clean. Some cleansing oil technology is better. Make-up remover for better cleansing

Face Cream: In addition to containing nutrients, it may also contain active ingredients that solve different problems for the skin. These active ingredients are also the key to determining the price of different creams. You can try to choose the right cream based on your skin problems to ensure that the skin can adapt to it without causing other problems.

Most skin care products are connected, and more than 90% of the ingredients are the same, the difference is only less than 10%. In the difference of only a few percent of skin care products, it is the key to the effectiveness of different skin care products. So understanding the differences between different products can naturally help you better choose the products that suit you.

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