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Emulsion pump, also called nozzle, emulsion nozzle, pus […]

Emulsion pump, also called nozzle, emulsion nozzle, push type emulsion pump, quantitative liquid dispenser and the like, is used in shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Detergent, Liquid Laundry Lotion, Toner, Disinfectant, Emollient Oil, Baby Oil, Serum, Sunscreen, BB Cream, Foundation, and Food Packaging Products. From the product function and structure of distinction, can be divided into ordinary emulsion pump, vacuum emulsion pump, pump, spray pump, spray pump, spring does not touch the feed liquid emulsion pump.
Emulsion pump works
From the tall concept, it is Boyle's law: a quantitative gas in a closed container, at a constant temperature, the pressure and volume of the gas is inversely proportional. The formula is: P1V1 = P2V2. The general understanding is: sealed containers, the volume increases lead to pressure reduction (suction / absorption process), the volume increases lead to increased pressure (the process of liquid).


Figure 1 sucked liquid process and press the liquid process


The basic function of emulsion pump
Sealing function
Believe that every consumer is not willing to accept a bottle of the contents have been leaked / leaking out of the bottle surface products. After the emulsion pump and the bottle are filled and packed, the sealing function is one of the important requirements to ensure the bottled product is stored and transported. Seal function test method in the table below:

Detection method



Vacuum   The container is filled with colored water and placed in a vacuum box With or without colored water leak out of the container Routine tests, more intuitive
Empty containers are immersed in water and placed in a vacuum box Whether there is bubble overflow Strict testing, but before the vacuum pump to exclude air within the pump
Pressurized The container is filled with colored water and pressurized in the bottle With or without colored water leak out of the container General test, preliminary judgment



In the container (or similar container fixture) filled with the specified pressure of compressed air Emulsion pump and bottle immersed in water, observe whether there is bubble overflow lab testing
Pressure sensing valve with or without pressure drop Fully automated testing, non-destructive testing


With the development of electronic technology, improve the level of automation, fully automatic inflatable latex pump full test machine, Zhongshan Lianchang spray pump is the standard configuration in the production process. As for the parameters in the detection mode, such as vacuum degree, time, pressure, air pressure and other parameters, each company pinpoints different customer needs, has different control parameters, and does not describe in detail. Emulsion pump seal is a very complex project, there is time to conduct a detailed analysis. Emulsion pump main sealing parts shown in Figure 3:




Pumping pump pump out features
The characteristics of the emulsion pump is that each time you can pump the same volume of liquid for consumer use, so pump out function is also one of the important requirements. In the manufacturer, the most intuitive way to verify this function is: open the emulsion pump press the head press the head to the end of stroke, with the other hand fingers plug the body (cylinder Housing) into the liquid, release Head to make it natural rebound, the surface of the finger will appear to be sucked feeling (commonly known as "suction"), and even the emulsion pump upside down on your finger. This is one of the main ways in which manufacturers confirm that the pump out function is intact. With the pressure of electronic induction valve to improve accuracy, this "suction" can also be used to test the automatic equipment, and spray pump company in Zhongshan Lianchang applications. Figure 4



Figure 4: Good suction lotion pump


Emulsion pump pump out of the function is usually through the air pressure, pump out the two parameters to be reflected.

Pump volume
Refers to the consumer each time using the lotion pump, the pump out of the volume of liquid. As shown in the following figure, after the emulsion pump is full of feed liquid, press the volume of the feed liquid pumped by the head-to-stroke end point (stroke H), and the pumping volume V = πD2 * H / 4. Because the pump pump pump volume is relatively small, often 10 times as a testing process, whichever is the average. Some companies in grams (g) as a unit, there are two factors: 1) water as a test medium; 2) fluid liquidity is poor, the cylinder can not read. Such as liquid material as a medium, in setting the standard pump, but also need to take into account the density of the liquid. Figure 5
Air pressure times
Refers to the consumer from the press to start pressing the head, to the first discharge of liquid, the total number of press. Theoretically, the value obtained by dividing the volume of the space from the tip nozzle to the tail of the suction tube after the lotion pump is fully opened, divided by the rated pump volume. Manufacturers in setting, will increase the 1.1 to 1.3 insurance factor. The main factors that affect the thickness of the straw, the length, as well as the production of emulsion pump parts cumulative tolerance. As shown in Figure 6, the volume of the shaded portion of the emulsion pump / pump volume = air pressure times.



Figure 5: Pump out        Figure 6: Air pressure times


Emulsion pump in use, some parameters set, mainly to consider the feeling of consumer experience. The main parameters are as follows:

Press the head unscrew the torque
According to the head to thread with the emulsion pump, consumers will be unscrewed by the head when in use, so this parameter can not be too large, to prevent the resistance is too large and lead to consumer open difficult. But it can not be too small, will result in the head loose in the transport process and affect the sealing function. Conventional control parameters 3 ~ 10Kgf · cm.

Press head pressure
Press the head to the end point of travel required minimum force (also known as the minimum pressure). Empty pump or water as a medium test, refers to the end of the spring by the end of the spring + piston and the body frictional resistance. However, when the discharge pressure of fluid under the influence factors will increase, for the following reasons:
1) the viscosity of the liquid;
2) the liquidity of the liquid;
3) the size of the liquid passage of the liquid composition of the resistance;
4) the speed of the pressure; and so on.
The viscosity of the liquid material, small liquidity, under the pressure of speed, will lead to head pressure increase. Generally the following pressure 90% of the entire trip for the test value, while both confirmed under pressure speed.

Press head rebound time
Press the head down to the end of stroke after the release of the head by its natural rebound to the top dead center time required. The impact of rebound time factors are:
1) the spring force;
2) friction between the piston and the inner wall of the body resistance;
3) viscosity of the liquid;
4) the fluidity of the liquid;
5) the size of the liquid outlet of the liquid composition of the resistance;
and many more. Generally 1 to 3 seconds to determine the standard.
On the 6,7 two, make a daily life, for example, increase everyone's perception:
1) with the same thickness straw to suck pure milk and yogurt, is not a good flow of low viscosity pure milk good suction.
 2) with different thickness of straw to absorb yogurt, is not a rough suction pipe some straw.
Emulsion pump about to enter the domestic market around the 90s of last century, after nearly 30 years of development, has become a very mature product, the competition among manufacturers also reached a white-hot level. The major manufacturers producing emulsion pump also added a lot of additional features to attract the attention of end customers to form a new profit growth point. Such as: anti-water features, security features, spring external latex pump and so on. It is also suitable for use in different grades of products by making the necessary decorations in the appearance of the lotion pump, such as adding aluminum cover, plating, bronzing, hot silver, printing, laser and metal emulsion pump.

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