Skin Care Bottle Series---12


Series Model Product Size Printing / Labeling Size
A(Caliber) Weight Shoulder Capacity Brimful Capacity B(Diameter) C(Shoulder Height) D(Total Height) Total Height With Pump(Reference) E F G M Material
K K100 42mm 26g 116.90ml 138.29ml 47.50mm 77.84mm 97.83mm 139.08mm 63mm 66mm 12mm 6mm PET
K120 42mm 26g 136.46ml 157.45ml 46.80mm 92.14mm 112.62mm 153.72mm 61.75mm 80mm 12mm 6mm PET
K150 42mm 26g 170.56mm 190.26ml 47.90mm 105.40mm 125.81mm 167.00mm 63.5mm 94mm 12mm 6mm PET
K170 42mm 26g 188.00mm 209.72ml 47.50mm 117.52mm 137.38mm 178.67mm 62.75mm 105mm 12mm 6mm PET


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