Skin Care Bottle Series---13


Series Model Product Size Printing / Labeling Size
A(Caliber) Weight Shoulder Capacity Brimful Capacity B(Diameter) C(Shoulder Height) D(Total Height) Total Height With Pump(Reference) E F G M Material
Glass bottles 5ml 18mm 27.5g 4.40ml 6.80ml 22.50mm 34.00mm 52.77mm 60.69mm 24mm 23mm 12mm 5mm glass
10ml 18mm 26.6g 8.20ml 12.20ml 25.00mm 36.00mm 58.00mm 66.00mm 28mm 23mm 12mm 5mm glass
15ml 18mm 30.4g 15.90ml 21.20ml 28.60mm 41.30mm 65.00mm 73.33mm 34mm 27mm 12mm 5mm glass
20ml 18mm 34.8g 17.80ml 22.80ml 28.50mm 47.80mm 71.70mm 76.51mm 33mm 34mm 12mm 5mm glass
30ml 18mm 44.2g 28.85ml 36.00ml 32.80mm 56.20mm 78.64mm 86.65mm 40mm 39mm 12mm 5mm glass


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