Skin Care Bottle Series---14


Series Model Product Size   Printing / Labeling Size
A(Caliber) Weight Shoulder Capacity Brimful Capacity long(B1) width(B2) C(Shoulder Height) D(Total Height) With the total spray (reference) With the total emulsion (reference) E1 E2 F M Material
FY FY100 24mm 20g 109.10ml 119.30ml 52.48mm 34.90mm 75.55mm 96.16mm 124.33mm 127.77mm 25mm 10mm 57mm 10mm PET
FY120 24mm 20g 126.05ml 136.95ml 52.50mm 35.00mm 85.54mm 105.50mm 133.56mm 136.18mm 25mm 10mm 64mm 10mm PET
FY150 24mm 24g 159.13ml 168.24ml 52.60mm 35.00mm 105.41mm 125.42mm 157.75mm 156.08mm 25mm 10mm 75mm 10mm PET
FY180 24mm 33g 194.60ml 202.54ml 52.48mm 34.80mm 130.40mm 148.45mm 177.19mm 179.09mm 25mm 10mm 107mm 10mm PET


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