Skin Care Bottle Series---3


Series Model Product Size Printing / Labeling Size
A(Caliber) Weight Shoulder Capacity Brimful Capacity B(Diameter) C(Shoulder Height) D(Total Height) Total Height With Pump(Reference) E F G M Material
A A120 24mm 24g 121.65ml 128.40ml 40.00mm 110.10mm 127.37mm 137.80mm 52mm 94mm 12mm 6mm PET
A150 24mm 24g 158.10ml 164.60ml 41.30mm 131.60mm 148.83mm 159.50mm 53mm 118mm 12mm 6mm PET
A180 24mm 33g 190.10ml 197.35ml 45.10mm 135.50mm 152.94mm 163.74mm 59mm 119mm 12mm 6mm PET
A200 24mm 33g 200.70ml 207.95ml 45.00mm 143.95mm 161.64mm 172.28mm 59mm 128mm 12mm 6mm PET


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