Skin Care Bottle Series---6


Series Model Product Size Printing / Labeling Size
A(Caliber) Weight Shoulder Capacity Brimful Capacity long(B1) width(B2) C(Shoulder Height) D(Total Height) Total Height With Pump(Reference) E F G M Material
XZ XZ120 24mm 22g 115.75ml 123.40ml 53.55mm 33.60mm 93.90mm 110.96mm 145.20mm 46.5mm 79mm 24mm 12mm PET
XZ135 24mm 24g 129.00ml 136.48ml 47.70mm 31.70mm 121.70mm 138.07mm 172.30mm 40mm 108mm 24mm 6mm PET
XZ150 24mm 24g 161.78ml 168.67ml 53.70mm 34.00mm 124.22mm 141.00mm 175.60mm 45mm 110mm 25mm 12.5mm PET
XZ200 24mm 30g 207.75ml 216.13ml 57.00mm 37.00mm 138.00mm 157.60mm 190.87mm 50.5mm 120mm 25mm 12.5mm PET


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